Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clear Liquids Only

Everything I have read and heard about the colonoscopy has informed me that the test itself is not so bad. The preparation, on the other hand, is difficult. On Friday and Saturday I was instructed to "bland down" my diet. No beans, corn, or onions. No vegetables. Nothing with fiber in it, really. OK, well, this meant I ate mostly pasta and tofu, but it could be done. After all, I did have a couple of latkes at the Hanukkah dinner last night and those did have onion in them...I also had a bit of applesauce on the latkes...I did ask the gasteroenterologist about this and she said it was ok...

Of course she also told me that the better the prep, the better the test. The cleaner I am inside the better a look they can have. So, I am being as perfectly adherent as I can, because dang it, if there is something to find, I want it to be found!

Today is clear liquids only. Plus I had to drink this "powered lavage solution" which you mix with water (one gallon) and then drink during a period of 3-4 hours. And you, well, empty out anything that could be termed brown or non-clear. Captain Obvious napped with Captain Adorable this afternoon because I was too busy drinking the (yucky but tolerable) solution and visiting the bathroom to do anything else. I sent the two of them out to dinner without me because I think the scent and sight of food would really depress me right about now. I am not a banana fan but those bananas in the fruit bowl that I bought for Captain Adorable are starting to look really good.

I am writing this while sitting at the kitchen table. The 8 candles of the menorah burn beside me. Ah, laptop by ;)

Anyhow, the tests are tomorrow. I hope my prep is good enough! Of course I will report results here when I have something to report.

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