Saturday, December 27, 2008

On The Seventh Night of Hanukkah

Ms. Resourceful, her husband, and her two children came over for the seventh night of Hanukkah tonight. Not that I am Jewish, but I grew up celebrating Hanukkah (along with other Jewish holidays, and sometimes even the Sabbath). I wanted to share my memories and this beautiful ceremony/tradition with our friends.

Captain Obvious grilled a beef brisket (being a life-long lacto-ovo vegetarian, I of course did not have any) that was absolutely delicious and I made potato latkes and steamed broccoli (with a lot of help from Ms. Resourceful). For dessert we had chocolate gelt and some sweet buns that my MIL dropped off the other day when she came to celebrate Christmas with her grandson (Captain Adorable, in case you need it spelled out for you). A simple but yummy and filling meal.

I had a nice time. :) Meaning that I felt comfortable and happy while they were here. Captain Adorable got a bit over excited and started taking all the ornaments off of "Dada's tree," and some other minor misbehavior (like some pushing, grabbing) but was pretty much a typical toddler. It was difficult to put him to bed after they left because all he could do was talk about the other children. He loves them both.

I plan to celebrate with them again next Hanukkah.

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