Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Shaky

We left the house at 7:15 to be at NCI by 8:30 and we were almost an hour early. Traffic was so good! I guess not everyone is back at work yet. Anyhow, we filled the time with finding the office where there was a form I had to sign to get my latest CT on CD. Should get that sometime next week.

The nurses were very nice and gentle and sweet. The doctor was also nice and cheerful and they all put me at ease. The heart rate monitor alarm kept going off because my heart rate was dropping to 50 bpm or lower (I saw it go down to 46!). This is while I was awake and lying on the table.

The procedures were not bad. I did not feel much. I do not remember much, just like they said would happen. I will talk more about it later. Right now I just want to make this as fast as possible because I feel terrible. I vomited from the water and apple juice they gave me after the procedures. I vomited 3 times before we left--once in the wheel chair waiting for Captain Obvious to pull up in the car (which was only steps away). I slept in the car on the way home. I slept once we got home. I woke up at about 5:00 (well, I woke up a few times before then, because someone small and sweet kept waking me up with unauthorized visits to the bedside but finally Capt. Obvious closed the bedroom door). I feel slightly dizzy, I have a headache, and I generally feel disoriented. I tried to drink some water (I've had nothing to eat or drink since about 9:00 last night) and I threw up. We paged the doctor and unfortunately, my reaction so far is normal for some people. Everything I have tried to drink (and I am talking teensy amounts) has resulted in vomitting. The Captains left to go out to dinner, so I am alone at home, writing this to you. The doctor did suggest just trying to sleep off this reaction, so I will probably go to bed very early tonight. After all, what's the point of being awake if I feel so bad and can't even eat or drink?

Just so no one gets too worried, I did receive fluids through the IV I had during the procedure, so we are not scared about dehydration right now.

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Ms. Breadwinner said...

Get some rest! I hope you feel better soon. Lots of love!