Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Update

It is a job getting all the required information over to the study contact at NCI. Before I can qualify for the study, they have to review: all pathology reports, all chemotherapy flow sheets (not even precisely sure what these are), doctor's notes, CT reports, recent lab reports, a CD containing my two most recent CT scans (so the actual pictures, not just the reports). They also need the results of two test: a KRAS test on my tumor (the tumor is at JHH, and no, I am not sure exactly what KRAS is either), and an HLA test (which I am also not sre exactly what that is, but I know it has to do with my T-cells). I had the HLA test done today and the KRAS test is (maybe, hopefully) being run at some point soon. I also have to have 20 unstained slides or a block (the tumor) and 4 stained slides sent over. Sigh. This requires talking to all sorts of departments, faxing authorization sheets, and mainly being on the phone for much more than I would like to be. Looks like all the stuff will get over there in the next couple of weeks. So frustrating that it takes so long! I feel like screaming "My tumor is still growing while I wait for you to hurry the eff up and get your job done!" sometimes...

In other news, last night at dinner Captain Adorable said, for the very first time, "More, please." This is cool for two reasons: 1) he's never put those two words together in a sentence request like that before! and 2) he wanted MORE?!?! (He almost always eats less than I would like.) So, I guess my broccoli, spinach, and ricotta pie was even more of a hit than usual. Way to make a mama's heart soar.


Anonymous said...

My cancer center just had me sign some forms, and fill out where my biopsies, surgeries, scans, etc. were taken - then they took care of collecting all of the slides, films, PET and CT scans, etc. It saved so much hassle!

mamefati said...

Happy to see a new post!
Crossing my fingers that all goes well and quick and you start a trial soon.
Much love to you and yours.

Simone said...

i can't believe they are making you do all this legwork ... do they not have a caseworker they can assign you?

hugs mama ... i know you are going to get through this.