Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Communication

OK, after calling 3 times today, I got a return email and a follow up phone call. Looks like she's on board with my plans, for the most part. Now I am just waiting (up to another 2 weeks, UGH!) for test results. They are testing my tumor to see if it is KRAS positive. I also have to go have blood drawn for an HLA test (something about T cells). Those results will determine whether I qualify for the clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that I am interested in pursuing.

For the record, Oncologist did apologise and said she was tied up at the hospital these last few days.


OhMama said...

I'm glad that she finally got back to you. Hopefully she can manage to get the ball rolling quickly from her end so you can get started with the trials at NIH.

I'm glad you found me again! I have been lurking here for months, reading your story. Not a day goes by that I don't check for updates and stories. I am heartbroken for your pain and struggle, awed by the love so many have for you, and amazed at the love you and the Captains have for one another.

AP said...

Good, I'm glad for you for the apology because MY hackles were certainly getting raised on your behalf! Thank you for the updates. They help those of us that care for you out here in cyberspace.

mamefati said...

Geez..that would drive me absolutely nuts! Here's to everything getting done right and in a speedy manner and many prayers that you will be a perfect canidate!
I think of you every day.

Kerry said...

Glad to hear about the progress! There were many AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHs on my end on your behalf. Good luck with this!!!