Monday, March 23, 2009

Couple Photos of Pants

Wow Captain Adorable looks like his father in the above photo! As promised, here are a couple of photos of the toddler pants being worn by the toddler. Yes, these are the pants I sewed for Captain Adorable while he and Captain Obvious were out of town for a night and here they are. I never said they were fashionable pants! These pants are made from an old tee-shirt of mine that I acquired the summer I was 20 (dude, 15 years ago!). I was doing a drama course in England. My classmates and I went to see a lot of plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company and I bought a shirt while I was there. I never wore it much, but I think the colors and the design are bright and cheerful enough for a pair of toddler pants. I wish I had not made the legs so wide. I thought they'd be far too long, but as it turns out, they are only a little long and I am not going to hem them further. I don't care that they are white, as I expect them to last only through the summer (perhaps the fall) as indoor lounge pants. Plus, they are made of tee-shirt fabric, and it is usually easy to get stains out of those!


Amina said...

those are brilliant. I have far too many t-shirts and constant requests for pants for the grandson. Tell me how you made them!
And what is there that you can't do?
hugs and love

Dee Lux said...

With the pants and the haircut, he really will get "All the Wadies" :)

mamefati said...

Awesome! I want a pair in my size..I LOVE loungy inside pants!

Super Ninja Mommy said...

Hi!! Just stopping by to tell you that you won my blog giveaway Baby Love book! Email me (my email is on the top of my blog) and let me know where to send it. Congrats!

Ninja Mom at Two Under Two

aragland said...

How talented are you! Those pants are adorable. Wish I could figure out how to make some for me....out of fleece (warm!)