Sunday, March 22, 2009

They're Back

I missed my Captains while they were gone, but they are back now and I am glad. They went up to Holyoke, MA for the St. Patrick's Day parade. My Mom and I dropped them off at the airport on Saturday morning and I picked them up this evening. My little Captain had a great time, seemed totally fine to be without his mama while they were gone, but this evening his stress and unhappiness came out at bedtime, and his behavior showed that he had missed me badly. I missed him a lot too (and was a bit mystified as to what to do with myself while he was gone), and I am not sure I will be ready to be away from him, even for one night, again any time soon.

I did sew 2 pairs of toddler pants from old tee-shirts and one pair of flannel pajama pants for me while they were gone. I will try to get a photo of the toddler modeling the pants and post it for you.

Tomorrow the plan is to go to Jump Zone again (the moon bounce place) and play in the backyard with all the fabulous yard toys!!! Captain Adorable is itching to get his hands on those beautiful plastic cars (like this) and even said the name of the friend to whom the toys belong as soon as he saw them, showing me that he recognized them. I hope he will not mind when we have to give them back in a few months. . . . . . . .


Diana said...

How productive of you! I had no idea they'd be gone so long. Can't wait to see them modeled!

Rose said...

They were only gone for one night...and I was not productive, seeing as what I was supposed to do was sew curtains and a robe... ;) ah well