Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update About Naps

The nap is not entirely gone. It is just extremely shortened. We've also moved bathtime up by a half an hour, so we now begin our bedtime routine at 8:00 instead of 8:30. It took my little Captain about 20 minutes to fall asleep tonight, but he did sleep for about 40 minutes this afternoon (in my lap, so sweet, reminded me of the days when he was a little baby and slept in my arms all the time). Last night he took an extremely long bath because he was fascinated by these wonderful bath crayons I bought him (although the marks do come off of the tile, they seem not to come off grout, just to warn other parents who might think they sound like a good idea). He went to sleep in about 12 minutes last night. I will try to prevent him from napping tomorrow (Oma is arriving in the early afternoon, so that will help a lot) so we can get back to the quicker falling asleep model...

On Friday I go in for chemo again. Not looking forward to that at all. Forgot to take my pre-meds today, so will go in with only 1 day of pre-medication instead of 2. I hope I do not pay for this with further bad nausea afterwards. It is often hard for me to write about nausea while I am having it because thinking about it makes me feel it more, so I often just leave it out when it is happening. The first time I did this chemo I vomited everyday for about 4-5 days afterwards. Tougher than the last chemo, when I only started vomiting at around the third or fourth treatment (would have to confirm that with Captain Obvious, but I think I am correct).

Recently was given a copy of the Bread Bible and so far I have learned a lot! I've only read about 20 pages and I know more about yeast and the fermentation process than ever before. I hope to be able to make bread again a week or so from tomorrow, so maybe I can read and learn and have a new type of bread to make by then.

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