Thursday, March 19, 2009

From Compliments to Breakdowns

Ah, being the mother of a two-year-old is never boring. Sometimes my little darling just can't even get out of bed without breakdown after breakdown and sometimes he charms us all by saying "Thank you for dinner, Oma." Last night was the thank you (he says thank you and please a lot, so I guess I have managed to teach him some manners) and it was super sweet, since I know he enjoyed dinner and since I know he was saying what I usually say (except I do not call my Mom Oma). I think he made her blush with pleasure! This morning was breakdown city. He wanted to brush his teeth (because he saw me doing so) but then freaked out when he was given his tooth brush, wiped toothpaste all over his pajama pants, and threw the toothbrush in the trash. We don't have any spares at the moment. Super.

Today is also swimming lesson day and he does not want to go. I am not going to sign up for swimming lessons again, but I really do not know why he does not want to go! I think we'll go for gymnastics again next (or maybe just have a break from lessons and just enjoy spring). So, my Mom has the no-fun task of convinving him or muscling him into his swimming gear, getting him into the car, and getting him to the lesson. He always enjoys himself once there, so hopefully this time will be fun also, eventually.

I have not updated this blog because I have been sleeping for the last few days. I mean, of course there are patches when I am more awake than others, but I sleep a lot. I am now feeling a bit better, and not taking compazine (anti-nausea drug) means I am more able to stay awake as well. Also my fingers were very stiff for the first couple of days after the IV chemo, which made it very difficult to type.

I am trying to hire a mother's helper to come to the house starting next week for 3 hours in the afternoon. Ostensibly I will sleep while she is here, but I think at first that will not happen. Hopefully she will just provide me with a break, during which she can entertain Captain Adorable (who is also going napless these days, which is an additional challenge at times!) while I chill out on the couch. I posted a couple of very badly written job listings on some local boards, but it was so hard to type I found it exceedingly difficult to correct what I had written. Oh well, fortunately a friend has helped me and has sent a couple of young ladies my way who could be appropriate. I am interviewing one on Friday. So, even though my Mom has to go home on Tuesday I will be ok for the most part I think. Or, as ok as it is going to be in this situation. Man I wish I did not have to do this chemo. It is really hard to be so tired and to try to figure out how to best care for my son. Thank goodness I have my Mom or I would have the additional worry and guilt of being seperated from my cherished little one--something that would not be so good for my mental health!


Kerry said...

i'll be hoping for a superb mother's helper for you!!! i have friends who have done this and they were really thrilled with the results.

Amina said...

hooray for Omas!! (or Oma's as it would be in Dutch). I hope the swimming went well and that you got a rest.
Hope you find a good carer, that will be a big support for you. Great idea.
much love as always