Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy Week

Everyday this week I've had an appointment to keep. Yes, these are appointments that are fun for me and my little one, but I think from now on I will try to keep at least one day per week for just staying home and getting things done. I feel really run down and tired and for the past two days have been really late to play dates. I hate being late, and especially to play dates because then it is also children whom I am letting down (including my own). Yet I've been dragging.

Tomorrow is the very busiest day of our week. We've got music class (Music Together), then rush to a restaurant to meet up with a local AP moms group I would like to join, then home in time to meet my sweet MIL, her mother, and Captain Obvious. Then off to a day spa with sweet MIL to accompany while we get manis and pedis (not complaining!). Then home to pick up the house in time for the cleaning lady, then sit down for a bit while the cleaning lady does the kitchen, then start dinner...then eat it, clean up, and go to bed.

Sheesh I'm tired now thinking about it.

Friday we've got a playdate in the morning...goodness gracious when am I going to do grocery shopping? Sigh.

What am I doing still up? I need to go to bed.

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