Sunday, March 21, 2010

His Beautiful Hair

Well, today we reached the day when Captain Adorable no longer wants to have his hair washed or brushed and it was getting in his eyes terribly. So, although I looooooove his beautiful hair long, I asked again if he wanted to have it cut. This time he said yes, and Captain Obvious whisked him off to a local place that caters to kids (he sat in an airplane and watched a movie during the hair cut) while I went to a yoga class. When I got home I was greeted by a boy with much shorter, much redder hair. All the blond got cut off. He looks so much different! He's already been asking when his hair will be long again. :( I think he looks older but Capt. Obvious said he thinks Capt. Adorable looks younger. As long as it stays out of his eyes and we're allowed to clean and groom him now and then, I'm happy.

But oh that beautiful hair.

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Anonymous said...

His hair was beautiful, but I'm sure he still looks like an adorable little boy! Does he still have curls?

Patty G.