Monday, March 1, 2010

Alone Again

My darling mommy left this morning to go back home. We are now without Ama (which is what Capt. Adorable calls her) again. And Daddy went back to work this morning, so it was me and Captain Adorable alone again together. We had a nice day after everyone left. First, some painting, then a walk, then a trip to the library (and holy crap a $20.50 fine!), then home for lunch, then some tv (Bob the Builder). I fell asleep during the first Bob the Builder, so decided to give in to my exhaustion and just take a little nap. You know this is quite unusual of me to use the tv as a baby sitter, but I was in the same room as the tv and I was oh so tired...anyhow, Capt. Adorable did not really let me sleep--he climbed on me every 20 mins or so. However, it was not the luxurious nap I longed for, but still a nice rest. After that I was on the phone for a while sorting some stuff out, then we read books till Daddy got home.

Daddy is going on a business trip to Pasadena soon. He will only be gone a few days and we've got fun stuff planned while he is gone, but it is never the same without him.

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alexis224 said...

I was recently shocked by a $15.00 fine at the library - I knew I was in trouble when the self-check machine wouldn't accept me. It's the DVDs that we rented, at $1/day each overdue fine, they add up fast. I think we'll stick to books until I'm sure my head is screwed on straight. Anyway I'm glad you had a nice time with your mom, I hope she's doing well! I don't do well when my hubs is out of town. I like to think that I'm good at entertaining myself (I guess I am actually, since my main recreational activity is reading). However, late afternoons/early evenings can get lonely for me. Good for you planning things to do in advance!