Saturday, February 27, 2010

Humble Thanks

Captain Obvious have been out together for the past two nights. My mom is here and she has been staying with Captain Adorable. We've talked a lot about the way that cancer has or has not affected me/us. We've talked a lot about how much help we have gotten during this last 2.5 years. As Captain Obvious said, "we could have gotten by with less help than we got, and we could have done better with more help than we got, but overall we got a lot of help." So many people have helped us in big and small ways. We are so grateful for the help you have given us. We think about the help you have given us (even small help, like the tech who recognises me at the CT scan place at JHH and a little exchange of words with her can take my mind away from the fear and stress of the tests...) often. Of course I cannot begin to talk about the contributions of parents and grandparents... Both of us are amazed and astounded by this journey and this love. I send you all my humble thanks.

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