Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moving On

To other aspects of life. :)

The snow is still outside and it has been cramping our style for quite a long time now. We've gone sledding so many times it is boring. The driveway has been shoveled. The bird feeders have been filled. The Captains even built/dug what they call an ice cave in the snow bank that borders one side of the driveway. But wow, getting the little one all dressed up to go out is rather a bother! And if we go out twice a day, that's 5-6 pairs of pants in the wash (he refuses to re-wear them after they've gotten wet, even when once they are dry again!) since we put 2 pairs of pants on him every time we go out to keep him warm. At this point we can't go to the play ground since it is covered in 2-3 feet of snow and we can't even take a walk since the sidewalks are all snowed under (no we haven't dug ours out either!) but one lane of the road if clear and people are driving fast on it now so it is dangerous to go for a walk with the little one.

Poor Captain Adorable is starved for the company of other children. On the other hand, Captain Obvious has been home for work because of the snow and as a result we've gotten to spend quite a lot of time together here in our new house. In fact, we've spent so much time here relaxing that Captain Obvious has found some serious motivation and has made me very happy by beginning some cosmetic renovations on the family room (with kitchen soon to follow). Yesterday he installed a utility sink in the basement, giving us a proper place to clean up after painting. We moved everything out of there and Capt. Obvious put down tarps and put up plastic sheeting to protect the rest of the house from the dust being created in there. Where is all the dust coming from? Well, he's discovered that it is not too hard to scrape the textured ceilings down some! They are not totally flat and smooth but they look much, much better than they do right now!

We're also planning to paint; the walls, the ceiling, and the trim. We realised today that the ceiling is actually painted light beige, so a nice white ceiling will help to lighten the room considerably. Plus he managed to remove the heavy, dark (sloppy) built-ins on either side of the fire place. I am so happy! Amazing what a little cosmetic adjustment can do.

The good news for Captain Adorable is that next week we are expecting a visit from Ms. Resourceful and her children, as well as a visit to some other friends. Maybe the week after we'll get to the train museum...and then Oma will be here (although Daddy will be away again, boohoo). So we've got a lot to look forward to. We've had fun making valentines together over the last few days. Just popped them in the mailbox today, so they won't go out till Monday, sorry!


Diana said...

Ooh! I'm excited to see all the changes. Isn't it amazing how big tiny changes can be? Soon you'll start feeling really "at home".

toddlerplanet said...

Dear Rose, I just found your website today, but I'm flattered that you're reading Mothers With Cancer. We seem to have a lot in common, including the ages of our children, the fact that we have cancer, even how close we live! Would you be interested in writing for Mothers With Cancer? There's a spot waiting for you!


Sarah said...

I am so happy for you and all the success of the surgery. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

alexis224 said...

I am still amazed by how much snow you all got out there! I talked to a friend the other day who has been overjoyed with the opportunity to stay home with her daughter for several days (she works for Sirius satellite radio in DC). Anyway I'm rather envious, that almost never happens here in western Oregon, but I also know how cabin fever can set in!
Wish I could send my hubby out there, he loves nothing more than a home improvement project - our home or anyone else's.