Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post-Surgery Follow Up

Tomorrow (Feb. 3) is my first post-surgery follow up visit. I have to report to phlebotomy at 7:30. Then a chest x-ray and then at 9:00 a CT scan. Then meet with Dr. Surgeon. I can't really imagine what he will tell me that I do not already know. Whatever. I will play the game and sit for 45 mins-2 hours waiting for him so that he can tell me I am recovering well. I choose to submit to this little formality, despite its supreme inconvenience for me and my family. (Yeah, I'm a bit grumpy about it, can you tell?)

Captain Adorable and Lita are coming with me. Would be much, much easier to leave them home but I'm not supposed to drive, right...to make things just a bit more difficult, it was snowing when I went to bed tonight (not asleep yet, though, as you may have noticed) and www.weather.gov predicts 3-5 inches accumulation. With clear roads it is a 40 minute drive, but tomorrow we are going to leave at 6:30. Plus once we get there Lita has to go through security because she does not have the extended visitor's pass that Capt. Adorable and I have. I am exhausted from, well, recovering from a thorecotomy less than 4 weeks ago, being the mother of an active kid, several days without naps, and a couple of sleepless rights.

Of course I am once again taking the lovely Prednisone because of my allergy to IV iodine. Blah. Makes it hard for me to sleep at a time when I really, really need rest. I have actually set the alarm to get up at 2:30 to take the second dose. I'm sure a lot of sleeping will take place after that one.

Captain Obvious is still in Colorado and I miss him so much. I know our little one does too. His return, however, does not really mean rest for me, as he will arrive home at one in the morning on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning and then go to work on Thursday at the usual time, so I expect that the first real rest I will get is Thursday afternoon when the mother's helper comes. We are so lucky to have her!

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