Monday, February 1, 2010

Present, Painting, and Photos

Today we were at Costco, courtesy of Lita, who drove us there (because I still can't drive, of course). One of the things we bought was a dress for Ms. Resourceful's daughter, who is having her third birthday in about a month. Maybe because there was so much talk of birthday presents, Lita suggested that she buy a birthday present for Captain Adorable from Grandpa and her. I was happy that she was willing to go to a wonderful toy store near our house to look around. I was also happy that she decided to buy the easel (and art supply kit) I pointed out. Captain Adorable was unconvinced in the store, preferring to play with a wooden castle that had intriguing little ladders.

But when we got home we had to assemble the easel, which immediately made it much more interesting and attractive. Then, once he realised there were paints for him involved, he really could hardly contain himself, and was even unable to join us at the table for lunch (it was past 2 by the time he finally ate!). Once he had eaten something, I allowed him to paint, and paint he did! He was enchanted, inspired, and quickly made 3 fabulous, bold paintings. He wanted to paint again later, when I was in bed for a rest, but Lita did not want to supervise him and said no. I know he will be extremely happy to pick up his paint brushes again tomorrow and the day after and the day after. :)

One of the fabulous things about the art supply kit is that it came with these spill proof paint cups that also have air-tight tops, so you can just leace the paint in there! Only have to wash the brushes before moving on to another project. Genius.

We are covered in snow and it is very cold outside, so not much chance of real outside play for a few weeks yet. This wonderful easel will come in handy for entertainment for quite a while!

I have pics, but I forgot to get them off the camera. You will just have to wait, blog.

Speaking of pics, had a great time looking at pics of our recent trip to Costa Rica with Lita. I hope we get to do it again next year. I also showed her pics of me from birth-approx. 17 years old. My fabulous aunt put together a CD with photos of me that she had taken over the years. Lita agreed with me that the photos themselves are so beautiful and Oh how like me my son looks! :D


Anonymous said...

Oh, you look so adorable in that photo - and so like your darling Captain Adorable!

Patty G.

Diana said...

Wow! Until I read that last line, I thought that WAS Captain Adorable! Such kissable cheeks!!!!!!!