Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post-Surgery CT Results

All good news! (And the visit was quite easy and went smoothly. I was nervous and grumpy for no reason. The roads were clear --started hearing snow plows at five in the morning. We left at about 6:40 and we were there at about 7:30.)

The lung is completely expanded. The pathology reports are back and all the margins are negative. Dr. Surgeon said he does not even think we need to do chemo. (Have not heard from the oncologists about this yet, though...)

One piece of bad news/good news: he said that if it does come back he will be happy to take care of me again. I asked him how many more thorecotomies he thought I could have and he said, well you have plenty of lung tissue. Aaaaaaaah!


alexis224 said...

That's wonderful news!

mamefati said...

You are amazing!