Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Outside The House

Quick update because I have got to go to bed. Sleeeepy. Captain Adorable and I have been getting out of the house and into the car and going places to have fun this week. Amazing, the power of a car, a tank full of gas, and friends to hang out with! Also a little tiring, but in a good way.

Tomorrow the plan is to work on shoveling the sidewalk in front of our house (even if I do not actually get much done, Capt. Adorable will enjoy himself) while the cleaning lady is here (she didn't come last week because of the snow, so we need her. She will have a bit less than usual to do since the family room is still in process and the dining room is so full of furniture she cannot begin to vacuum in there, but that's ok. Then I'll bake the bread I set to rise this afternoon, and then maybe we will go to the local Olympic swim center...or the indoor play area at the local mall...we will see. Also have to pop by the library and drop off a book that has been due since Jan 19!!!! Aaaah!

Next week Capt. Obvious is off to Portland, OR. We will miss him, but thankfully, Oma (or, as Capt. Adorable says, Ama) is coming to stay for a few days. This will be the first time I've had a visit with her while NOT being on chemo or recovering from surgery in 2 and half years, so I am really looking forward to hanging out! I hope to be able to explore some local attractions with her and have even been considering arranging a grandma play date (hehe) with Non-Fiction's mama. I think they'd have a nice time together. We will see.

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