Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pain In Arm/Shoulder/Back

I emailed the research nurse who works with Dr. Surgeon to complain of pain in my arm/shoulder/back and ask for help. She responded by asking that I come in to clinic this morning to let the team have a look at me. Very short notice and Capt. Obvious could not come with me, so what to do with the little one? Despite the offer to drop Capt. Adorable off at Cheerful's house, I decided to take him with me. Why, you might ask? Well, mostly because I'm lazy. I didn't want to get up the extra hour early in order to drop him off in the morning. And of course the extra drive time on the way home. So, I took him with me. This time he was eager to go to the playroom (where it is allowed to leave one's child) and he stayed! Happily! In fact, he was not so interested in me when I came back after my x-ray to check on him and was definitely not ready to go when I came back to pick him up before they closed for lunch at noon. This will make it easier to go to NCI with him in the future. Puts my mind at ease quite a bit!

Anyhow, I talked with Dr. Surgeon, had an x-ray, and then talked with the pain and palliative team. They all said that I am healing well, and that the pain I am feeling is a combination of nerve and muscle pain. My muscles and nerves have all been cut recently (for a second time) so what I am getting is a combination of muscle pain and nerve pain. We will treat this with a combination of drugs and exercises.

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alexis224 said...

That's great, how wonderful to know you can take him with you (though hopefully you won't need to go again with any frequency...) The hospital where my cousin is being treated has just (within the last month) opened a supervised play area for children in their cancer treatment center. I think it will make things a lot easier for many parents who are already undergoing an enormous amount of stress.

I'm glad to know that the pain is nothing serious and that you are healing nicely. The future's bright girl, hope you've got your shades on!