Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anchoring Out

I've not had time to blog about this, but a couple of weeks or so ago, we did our first overnight on the boat. I want to try it again (we've got the plans in the works) and correct several of the mistakes we made. Because some people have pointed out that I rarely post photos, here are some pics from our little adventure. (Also, because I cannot figure out how to add this at the bottom of the post, I will record here that this morning I turned Captain Adorable's bed back over. He says that he is going to sleep in it again now. I'm not holding my breath. smile)
As we approach the Bay Bridge. Captain Obvious enjoys the shade provided by the new bimini.
A different perspective on bridge traffic.
This was our first time under the Bay Bridge on the boat.
We were passed by a big cargo ship. It made a huge wake and Capt. Adorable got very excited.
Our destination is in sight!
Once we were securely anchored, Capt. Obvious set about making dinner.
Then went for a swim.
Sun setting over the choppy waves.
Dinner time! Terrible pic of Capt. Obvious though...
Capt. Adorable sleeping in the vee-berth. At least one of us slept.
Next morning, he awakens and comes to the cockpit. We've been underway for over an hour already.
Mid-morning nap in the cockpit.
Such a gorgeous day on the water.
 You can't really tell, but that's Annapolis!


Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful! My bro has one of those grills too! If little man slept in the V-berth where did you guys sleep?!

Rose said...

I slept in the vee with my little guy. My darling husband slept some of the night in the cockpit and some of the night on the slightly longer settee in the salon.