Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Fun In The Summertime

Well, we've been having fun in lots of ways since I last posted. Capt. Adorable and I have a new past-time: canoeing. We've only done it once (on the only day this week that was cool enough!) but ahhh so awesome. Will definitely be doing more of that. Had a couple playdates (out in public and at home) and we will do more of that. Our neighbors who have a pool invited us to drop by and swim again--hoping to do more of that. Captain Obvious measured Captain Adorable this morning and he has grown an inch since June 20! I expect he'll do more of that, too. ;) The afternoon nap has made a reappearance lately and now I know why--that boy has been busy growing!

He has also been making lots of funny statements lately. Here is a sampling: "mama, let's cut you in half, fill you up with milk, and sew you back together so there will be milk in your boobies again." "Mama, there's a big storm coming and it will knock down our house and we will have to go live in Tennessee with Oma and Opa." "I need a kid's paddle so I can help paddle the canoe!" Goodness knows he is full of ideas, isn't he?

This afternoon my darling husband and I insisted that we be allowed to remove the splinter that has been festering in his heel for days. He was very frightened and so I bribed him with a lollipop. Which I was unable to find, so I gave him a piece of chocolate and promised another after the splinter was removed. Well, he cried and cried so hard that eventually Capt. Obvious stopped (after only very gently trying to remove the dern thing!) and Capt. Adorable only agreed to continue if I took over. Fortunately for me I got to look like a hero because of the work Capt. Obvious had already done and I had it out in a flash. Then in another stroke of inspiration I found the lollipops (which I bought to reward him when he had his blood drawn, as you may remember) so our little guy was happy in the end after all.

One bad thing happened this week: I had a headache for 2 days. Actually, 3+ days. The first 2 days were really intense, and none of my homeopathic/alternative methods were working, so I went to the doctor, who diagnosed me as having an atypical migraine (because the symptoms were not typical). I was given and took a migraine medicine, which cut the pain by 80-90%, which means it was indeed probably a migraine. Note that I said the pain was cut, not stopped. The third day was still rather unpleasant, but bearable, though I did have a rather short temper on day 2 (yelled at the doctor) and was not my patient self on day 3 either (after getting whacked repeatedly by Captain Adorable, yelled at him in front of my sweet MIL and her daughter, my sister-in-law). Today was the fourth day and there were still twinges of pain, but 95-98% gone. Yay!

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