Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Evening

This evening after dinner, Captain Adorable wanted to watch more tv. I am fighting to keep tv to an hour or less per day (and sometimes I lose), so I had to find something to do, preferably more fun than watching tv. Fortunately the weather was reasonable today, so it was only about 80 degrees outside, so I suggested we go for a walk. Once outside, I realised it was so non-humid that perhaps it would be perfect for a little paddle. Captain Adorable agreed, and off we went. It was not a long paddle (we stopped at the boat the check the bilges and I retrieved the camera) but it was nice.

The canoe cut through the calm water easily. We looked for jellies. We paddled up to a dead tree sticking out of the water and broke off branches so we could poke a jelly if we found one (I want Capt. Adorable to understand what is meant by the word invertebrate). I paddled a bit more, found a couple of jellies, and we poked them. I was still not sure he understood that they are just pretty much snot. I paddled towards the marina, realised there were people crabbing from the floating dock and backed off because I did not want to disturb their efforts. Capt. Adorable then wanted to visit the floating dock by land, so we pulled the canoe out and put it away. The little guy is so helpful!

Again we found sticks, walked out on the rocks to look for jellies to poke, and poked one. Capt. Adorable looked for crabs on the pilings, just under the water, to poke, and found one. I cautioned him to only poke it gently and he did. It disappeared quickly. Then I realised that there was a dead, fish with an intact head but one filet ripped out just lying discarded on the grass. Then I had a closer look at the people on the floating dock and I had never seen them before and I thought, my bet is that these people are not residents of our neighborhood. Then I saw there were also cigarette butts all over and they they matched the cigarette in the young man's mouth. They had a big cooler and lots of empty beer bottles. I don't care if they come crab (though it is a private marina/dock) but if they leave dead fish and cigarette butts, then I think they ought to be asked to leave. Of course I am a scardy cat and did not want to confront them, so I decided that since it was late and time for bed anyhow, we'd leave.

I decided to look for the security guard our neighborhood has on patrol, but he was not around. Because I passed our house on the way to look for the security guard, I had to explain to Captain Adorable what I was doing. I explained that the people at the floating dock were leaving dead fish and trash and they should be asked to leave because they were being rude. We talked more about how it is rude to leave trash around, and how people are sometimes rude.

Once home, Capt. Adorable had the idea that those rude people should go to prison! I explained that of course people don't go to prison for being rude. Then he suggested that we kill the people (as I've said before, I do not think he really understands what that means). I explained, again, that we do not kill people, for any reason, and certainly not for being rude. He suggested that maybe those rude people should be talked to. (I agreed...and yet, I was not willing to go down there with my little child to talk to the rude people. Am I a coward? Perhaps...)

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