Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Trip To Baltimore

Yesterday Capt. Adorable and I went to Port Discovery, a wonderful children's museum in Baltimore. I've probably mentioned it on this blog before, sorry if I am repeating myself. Anyhow, this visit was an extra adventure because we took the light rail up with some friends and walked through downtown to get to Port Discovery. The museum itself was wonderful fun, as always, but when we left and walked down to the Inner Harbor we had a great time as well. There was an Army ship (who knew?!) docked there and my friend, who was in the Navy for four years, suggested we go aboard for a tour. It was very interesting, especially to my little captain, who asked several questions (through me, seeing as he was too shy to ask loudly enough to make himself heard, nor would the warrant officer have responded to his raised hand), such as "why are there black curtains on the windows of the crew's mess," and "what are these grooves in the deck for?" 

After the tour was over our friend treated us to Rita's (a local flavored ice treat--you can get custard also but we did not), and then we sat down by the William Sondheim fountain. Of course the boys wanted to run and play in the fountain (there were tons of other kids doing the same thing) and so eventually, the mommies agreed. Capt. Adorable did pretty well at not putting his whole body into the fountain (we had no bathing suits or towels and goodness knows we can't just strip them down, let them have fun and then put their clothes back on for the trip home). Of course he ended up wet, but that was ok (it was in the 90s...). Then we got to ride back on the light rail also, so the trip was really fun and took All Day! :)

Today it is raining, raining...we're going to the library for a group playdate in the community room.

August 25 is my next CT scan.

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