Monday, August 30, 2010

Beautiful Hat

A few weeks ago, I ended a post with a request for leads on getting a hat which said "Survivor" on the front. A couple faithful readers gave me some ideas where to get one, but one particularly generous friend offered to make me one! After discussing (via email) exactly what I wanted, she set about trying to fit the bill. She went far, far, above and beyond what I expected. It is now my go-to hat.
I took this photo of myself as soon as I got it out of the package!
Capt. Adorable took this photo of me wearing the green side out.
Image modified to hide a child's face. Pony tail sticking out the back.
I love the color (well, the colors, actually, seeing as it is reversible), the fit, the fact that I can have my pony tail stick out the back, and the feel of the fabric. I've been wearing it at home, on the go, and especially while sailing.
You can never have too many hats or sunglasses, apparently.
The rest of my family loves it too!

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OhMama said...

I am so glad you like it! It looks FAB on. It was incredibly fun to make. Thanks for the challenge!!! <3