Friday, August 27, 2010

CT Results From August 25

Sorry I have not posted this here. I guess posting it on Face Book made me forget about my blog. (Bad Rose!) Anyhow, yeah, had another CT scan on August 25 (Wednesday). It was clear again. Next CT scan in 4 months (December 29). Funny how the sentence "your scan is clear," is immediately followed by the sentence, "but we expect this type of cancer to reoccur." Clearly they don't consider me out of danger. No permission to relax yet.

But I am lucky, oh so lucky. Last night I rose from the fog of sleep to visit the bathroom and gazed at a bright clear full moon through the skylight and felt amazed at the beautiful light. A peaceful moment to see and appreciate beauty. I am so very lucky..

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Diana said...

Congratulations sweetheart! You deserve all the happiness and lovely moonlit evenings in the world!