Monday, August 16, 2010

"I Can Handle It"

Last week the captains and I went to Tennessee to visit Oma and Opa. We got to get dirty helping with the straw bale house and we stayed cool in the wonderful little above ground pool Opa bought and set up just for our visit. Captain Adorable loved it because it was shallow enough for him to walk around in it with his head and shoulders above water. He got very confident, even going beneath the water deep enough to retrieve Oma's ring (as a game).

We arrived on Sunday night and on Tuesday morning, Captain Obvious and I left on our first ever night away as a couple since our darling son was born! We went to Asheville, NC and had a nice time being adults together. :)

While we were gone, Capt. Adorable had a wonderful time with Oma and Opa. He did all the same fun stuff as always, nothing remarkable, except for the fact that he was stung by a wasp. When they wanted to take him inside and look at the wound and apply ream and all the rest, he declined and told them, "I can handle it." Opa was also stung, on the face no less. Later Capt. Adorable told us all that he was stung by a father wasp and Opa was stung by a mother wasp and the wasp that stung him (Capt. Adorable) was much stronger than the one that stung Opa.

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