Thursday, June 24, 2010

All By Myself

We had a bimini made for our boat. A bimini top is a fabric roof/shade for the cockpit. Getting one made for a sailboat can be tricky (depending on the size of the boat) because of the boom. The bimini is tall enough for me to stand in the cockpit with it rubbing my scalp. A few compromises were made with this installation (Capt. Obvious can no longer stand in the cockpit, some interference with ability to use the winches), still, the shade and comfort it gives are necessary. Anyhow, we dropped off the boat yesterday evening and the guy did the work today and we planned to pick it up after Captain Obvious got home from work this afternoon/evening.

However, the guy called from the marina where he was working on it to warn us that a storm was coming. He said that the boat was not in a safe spot and that we might want to move it. So, the family sprang into action (Oma and Opa are here visiting) and I captained the boat back home to her mooring. Pulling out of the marina made me pretty nervous, what with the bridge and other obstacles to avoid, but hardly any other boats were out, so that helped. I have of course been at the tiller lots of times through the exact same stretch of water (maybe 1 nautical mile between marina and home) with Captain Obvious aboard. And of course I've both caught the mooring and been at the tiller while Capt. Obvious grabbed the mooring, but this was the first time I did it all with someone who knew less than me (my Dad gracious agreed to help me on the boat). My Mom was also super-helpful (and quite funny) as she rowed a dinghy (not ours, which we could not get down to the dock because Capt. Obvious had our only truck) out to get us once we were moored. Captain Adorable was more than happy to fulfill his usual duties of wake-spotter and bow rider.

So yeah, I did it all by myself. And that makes me happy.

In other news, I am searching for a cap that says "survivor," "cancer survivor," or maybe "CUP Survivor." It has to be silver. Or a different color, as long as it is not pink or black. ;) I saw one recently on a cancer survivor friend of mine in a pic he posted on Facebook. Anyone know where I can get one?


Diana said...

Check out , they have lots of apparel that you can have them print. They might have hats. Josh got me a "pregosaurus" tee a couple years ago. :)

linettegolden said...