Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drawing Legs

As I was saying to a friend the other day I am often tempted to think that Captain Adorable is a towering genius, but then I go and look up the accomplishment and discover that it is absolutely developmentally on target. So, normal. ;) Not genius. ;) He's still fabulous and amazing to me.

Anyhow, today we were playing with markers and paper and he, for the first time ever, drew a creature. He drew what he told me was an egg and then said it needed legs and drew them! A couple of pictures later (we drew lots of pictures together, mostly of volcanoes, actually all of volcanoes but a couple also featured ocean liners) he drew a person with long, long legs standing outside a house I had drawn. Another time, he extended the arms of a creature I had drawn. I just wanted to record this development, seeing as a I have  blog handy and all.

Up till this point, Capt. Adorable's pictures have been about action. He tells the story of what is happening while he makes the picture, often painting or coloring over what has already been drawn as the story develops (or he just mixes paint on the paper). I am sure that the action drawing will continue, but this drawing of legs makes me think he sees drawings as representations, not just movement? Maybe I am giving this more importance than it deserves, but I am his mama, after all.

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