Monday, June 28, 2010


I am considering homeschooling Captain Adorable. There are many factors affecting this decision and I do not have time to go into the whole discussion tonight. I just wanted to share what my home school/unschooling experience has been like so far. My attempts to formally learn the alphabet and numbers were rejected, yet it is obvious he knows the alphabet and can count to twenty (and is learning some concept of adding/subtracting). He also knows the days of the week and a few months of the year.

However, to the point, I told Capt. Adorable about the oil spill in the gulf tonight while we were motoring up the river back home. He was fascinated and amazed and of course wnted to hear the story again and again. Tomorrow I will show him photos of the oil spill, the live cam of the gushing oil well, and the birds and animals affected. I will try to find photos of the people affected as well. I have a feeling we're going to learn a lot about oil and fossil fuels over the next week or two!

I guess this is wha unschooling is. I allow my child to experience the world around him, present him with information and experiences, then see what he is interested in (what he asks about and talks about) and then search out more information (books, photos, videos, seeing things in real life) and learn more about it together. I am enjoying doing this so far. So far we've learned about sailboats (and boats in general: water displacement and so forth), volcanoes, earthquakes, lightning, bones (what they are, what they do, how they break, and how they heal). Now I guess we're adding oil spills (fossil fuels, etc). SHould be fun!

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