Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somewhere Between Nervous and Terrified

Yes, dear blog readers, this is another post about sailing. Yes, sailing is all we do these days, so what? ;)

We had a nice relaxing sail (mostly a motor down to the Bay and back) in very light winds yesterday afternoon/evening.

Today the winds out on the Bay were predicted to be 10 knots with gusts up to 25 knots. The forecast was definitely fulfilled. We were zipping along at 6.5 plus knot per hour (a knot is more than a mile) even with the main reefed (made shorter to reduce sail area, thus reducing the amount of sail there is for the wind to push) and the genoa only half unfurled. We were heeling like mad. I have bruises, a skinned knee, some light rope burn on my hands (from pulling in the genoa), my toes ache, my finger is cut, I'm exhausted, and I think my face got too much sun (a bit red on forehead and nose). Then coming up the river we saw lightning. Lots and lots of lightning! I furled the genoa and Captain Obvious took down the main sail just in time for Captain Adorable and I to duck into the cabin before the downpour started. It was extremely hot in the cabin with all hatches shut, and I was soaked in sweat. We could see Captain Obivous and my FIL in the cockpit getting completely soaked by sheets and sheets of rain while we motored home as fast as possible in an effort to avoid the lightning. Coming up the creek they saw a sailboat in a slip get struck by lightning! We were only 150 yards away at the time!

We finally pulled into our marina just as the rain slowed to a sprinkle and then stopped, which was good because Captain Adorable and I could not stand one more second in that hot cabin, especially while all the excitement of pulling into the transient slip went on above our heads. We popped out and helped Captain Obvious and FIL finish pulling in and tying, then all sat down and had a drink in the cool of the after-rain... (the adults had beer/hard lemonade while the child had to make do with water)...

A neighbor appeared, telling us he had been worried about us! He knew we were out in the storm and wanted to check that we were ok. I guess maybe it is time to start telling people our cruising plan before we leave.

Captain Obvious wants to go out again tomorrow...I am actually, for once, not so sure...but goodness knows I'll probably end up going.

What a way to celebrate National Cancer Survivors' Day.


ewp11100 said...

If you go to you can get hourly forecasts. When we plan to be out most of the day it's real handy. We were at the park all day yesterday but had checked ahead of time and knew the rain was forecasted to roll in between 2-3pm. It started poring at 2:28 but we were in the car and on the way home by then.

Rose said...

Thanks, I guess I did not clarify that we have excellent weather forecasting checkers on board the boat, and that is why we chose to head back when we did. The rain did not bother us, nor did the thunder. It was the lightning that was scary! But yeah, lessons learned: reef early and home before the thunderstorm. :D