Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drive Home

Captain Adorable and I returned from a long, hard drive home on Monday night. With adults only in the car it is about an eight hour drive. Usually it is about ten hours with my little guy because we take more frequent (and longer) breaks. On Monday, however, it took almost twelve hours! It was a difficult drive because Capt. Adorable was very sad (very, very sad) to leave Tennessee. We had a lot of stops and a lot of requests for stops. Sigh. Next time I need to bring books again (did not have any this time, duh) and maybe try to get some audio books for him. I did have videos for him but they were short and I can't stop every 45 minutes to switch DVDs (though that is essentially what I ended up doing, ugh.

When we got home at 9:30 Monday night Capt Adorable was asleep. I carried him to bed and thought about how gorgeous he is. Then I went back down stairs and unpacked the car and carried the suitcase upstairs (difficult for me with my still subpar arm). And fed and watered the cats and all the other stuff that had to get taken care of. Sometimes I wish I were the child. ;)

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