Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letters On The Chalkboard

Here's the more detailed version of the blog I wrote a few days ago, Capt. Adorable and I were on the porch; he was drawing on his chalkboard and I was reading. He had already painted a picture and was not interested in more painting, but went to play with the chalkboard. He called me over, "Look Mama, I made a T." I came to look and indeed, there was a T. I was quite impressed, but did not want to make a too-big reaction. He then wrote an O, which was cool of course but he's been doing that for ages now--since he was 22-24 months? Then he wrote what he told me was an A but it was clearly an H and I gently corrected him. He agreed, then wrote an X; then made a straight line which he told me was the number 1. These letters and the number were so very clear and confidently done! Inside I was jumping up and down! I texted Capt. Obvious immediately. I thought Capt. Adorable must have learned this at preschool.

I emailed the teacher to find out if they were practicing writing. The next day he wrote another T with his finger on the carpet. He made the center line first, then one side of the top bar and then the other side. Once I saw that I knew he had not learned it in school because in school they teach you to make the center line and then cross it in one step. Or they did when I was in school. ;) This morning the teacher and I had a long chat in which she told me that they were not doing writing, but that he was one of the few kids in the 3-4 class to ever explore the writing center (but he's not there everyday or anything). She also told me that this was developmentally right on time. And of course I looked it up for myself and he is indeed right on the button, developmentally speaking. (So, not a super genius to anyone but his parents and maybe grandparents.)

But I'm still excited!

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