Thursday, October 7, 2010

He Likes It

I guess I wrote about the introduction of preschool into our lives but I have not followed up yet. Captain Adorable likes preschool. He no longer complains about going to school on school days. In fact, he finds it difficult to eat breakfast because he is so excited about going! When we arrive I have trouble keeping up with him as he power walks from the car to the door of the school. He is excited to see his teacher and her assistant. He has one particular friend, but seems to like all his classmates.

I do not know whether this is related or not, but this afternoon we were outside on the porch together (beautiful weather today!) and he bgan writing letters on his chalkboard. Now, he has been writing the letter O for a loooong time (O is for Opa!), but he has never written any others. Today he wrote a T, then summoned me to have a look. While I stood next to him, he quickly wrote an O, then an H, and then an X! And also the number 1! Could this be something they are doing in school? If so, COOL!

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