Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally Found

Several months ago I misplaced my engagement ring. It has been lost for probably six months now. I have a very specific memory of the moment I lost it. I was in the kitchen, preparing to cook something or do something that would make my hands wet. I have a particularly wide engagement ring and so getting water under it can be unpleasant. I often have to remove it and dry underneath to be comfortable (though perhaps that problem is over now...more on that later). I was going to put the ring on the ring holder in the little fold down thingy below the sink but decided not to because I never put it there. I put it in the other place, knowing that it would be safe.

Unfortunately, I could not remember where the safe place was. I have looked and looked and looked for this ring. I've spent hours going through the minutiae in the drawers of the kitchen, wet bar, and butler's pantry. No ring. When our wedding anniversary rolled around I became more disturbed and sad and frustrated, wanting to have it and wear it again. Another few hours searching and again disappointment.

This evening I was cold and put on a bathrobe I have not worn in a few months. A thick, warm, fleece bathrobe. At one point I stood up to look for the television remote (which is still missing), put my hands in my pockets and there I felt my sought-after ring! There was jumping and joy on my part (but not too loud since Capt. Adorable is in bed) and Capt. Obvious was quite pleased to see it and hold it again too.

I am so happy to have this little object back!!! Here's a photo of it I took soon after my then-fiance and now-husband gave it to me, eight years, six months, and nine days ago.
Seriously happy.

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Diana said...

W00t w00t!!!! Oh, HUGE sigh of relief! I'm so glad you finally found it.