Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Mood

During this holiday season I have indulged in waaaaaaay more treats than usual. I find myself tired and stressed. I sleep less and I complain more. In general I feel less happy lately. I have a few friends who are feeling the same thing. This is ridiculous and I think it is about time to get back into vegetables and out of sugar and fat and carbs. I haven't gone for a walk to see the water is a long time. Time to Buck UP, Baby!

My New Year's Resolution is to get more involved with my neighborhood. Last year was to stop buying canned beans and although I'd not been perfect, I have, for the most part, kept the resolution and changed a habit. I learned how to cook beans from dry; they do indeed taste better. I hope that I can be as successful in my resolution this year. :)

Now I have to decide if I can make a dinosaur cake for Captain Adorable's birthday party. Keep in mind I am a good cook and definitely able to follow a recipe, but I am not a cake baker. Nor am I a cake decorator. Pinching the dough on a pie crust is about as fancy as I get. And also, he wants a meat- eating dinosaur cake (preferably a T. rex), not a plant-eater cake, which is what they make in the video I found). I wonder if I should make it a many practice cakes will this require...or if I should just give in and buy one.

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