Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week of Winter Activities

It snowed and sleeted today. I think it has gone back to snow as I type. I've heard the plow on the street already this evening but doubt there will really be much. We've done a lot of indoor activities over the last few weeks, and certainly over the last few days.
Checking out a science kit. Loved using the pipette.

This afternoon Captain Adorable and I rode bikes down to the marina to look at the water. I thought it might help to get him to watch less tv (we're creeping up to 1.5 hours per day again...) and a little outside time for us both. :) It was cold! The creek we live on was frozen, except for the places under the docks that are kept clear of ice by blubblers. Captain Adorable experimented by throwing various things (sycamore balls and gravel) onto the ice from various heights. We finally got a big stick to poke it with. We hid the stick on the way back so we can find it again next time.

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