Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quotes from an Ice Day

Oma and Opa went home yesterday after a short visit to attend Captain Adorable's birthday party. He was, as usual, sad to see them go, but the fact that Daddy had the day off helped to soften the blow quite a bit. Today he was excited to go to school, but last night we had a bunch of ice/sleet and school was canceled. He was really disappointed. Before breakfast he said, "Mommy I wish my school was open," and later he mentioned that we should go to Oma's house and "stay for 50 years." It was pretty obvious he was missing his school friends and his Oma. It was a lot of work to entertain him today, especially since I was feeling tired also.

He made some pretty funny jokes today too. For instance, after eating breakfast, he wanted me to pick him up and let him sit on my lap but I was still eating my yogurt and did not want a boy on my lap. He was kind of hugging me and rubbing his head on me/head butting me. Specifically my boob. He sort of patted me on the boob and said, "that's a blow fish!" I laughed and so did he. When I was planning what to cook for dinner I asked what he'd like and he told me he wanted to have "fat bees and fat cheese!" Later on I farted (yes, I fart sometimes, just like everyone else) and he asked me if I was a walrus who had eaten too many clams (quoting a scene from the documentary movie Arctic Tale) while laughing loudly and then suggested that he put his ear up to my butt so that I could fart in his ear and it would be "so loud!" I guess bodily humor never loses its appeal! At least we had something to laugh at this cold cold icy day.

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