Sunday, November 4, 2012

Calm Weekend

This has been a calm weekend. I had a couple of nice walks: one yesterday, one today. The weather is beautiful. The captains raked all the leaves out of the yard. Together, we picked all the tomatoes and peppers and kind of put the plants to rest--it is going to start freezing at night, so they are goners anyhow. I am hoping to make a tomato tarte tatin with some of these tomatoes once they ripen. Not sure what to do with the peppers, but I will figure out something delicious. We also transplanted a sage plant to a spot where it will get more sun.

Captain Adorable's ankle seems to be healing up perfectly. He does not favor it and says that it does not hurt at all. I am still a bit suspicious because he said it didn't hurt and it was visibly swollen, but I think I will let him go to school on Monday (he's got Tuesday off anyway).

Speaking of Tuesday, did I neglect to mention that I became an American citizen over the summer? For the very first time in my life, I get to vote on Tuesday! I am pretty excited! Schools are closed because it is election day. I guess I will take Capt. Adorable with me to vote--he walked with me at the ceremony when I was granted my citizenship, so I may as well continue having him participate with me.

Just now we went for a short boat ride. Just to get the engine warmed up and the bottom cleaned off a little. We were only out for about an hour--the blue sky, the fall leaves, the dark water, the white boat, my two beloveds...would have been quite idyllic were it not for the cold wind! Hehe! It was nice anyhow and I am glad we went.

Perhaps I will dice up some peppers to go in the onion and potato frittata I am planing for dinner tonight. Not traditional Spanish, but I was planning to add garlic this time anyhow, which is also not usually in Spanish recipes (correct me if I am wrong).

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