Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Injury

Captain Adorable was Batman for Halloween this year. He loves Halloween--the costumes, the decorations, the small scares, and of course the trick-or-treating! He is difficult to keep up with when going door to door. He runs between houses! He is very polite, and knows to say "Trick or treat" when the door opens, "Thank you" when he gets the candy, and then "Happy Halloween" before he runs off. 

Last night (and I think I may remember when) he sprained his ankle sometime during the trick or treating. He's quite stoic, and pretty tough, and was so excited for Halloween that he never told us or let on that he was in pain. But this morning he couldn't walk on his left foot; he crawled from his bed to the bathroom! He was really worried that he would have to miss school, and that clued me in that it was serious, because he knew that the pain was serious enough to threaten school attendance--otherwise he wouldn't have cared much. I took him to the doctor early in the hope that he could go to school after, but we spent all morning at the doctor's office and then we had to go get an X-ray. 

I feel bad for him that his worst fear came true (well, no needles, but he was completely freaked out by the x-ray machine--there were many, many tears and the whole thing was quite hectic). He sobbed into my shoulder that today was "the baddest day of [his] life." There is no evidence of a break, so we're hoping it is only a sprain and nothing more serious. There could be a break in the growing plates, where we cannot see on an x-ray, and there is quite a good amount of inflammation--a definite sprain. The doctor wants him to stay off of it so he can't go to school tomorrow either. We have to watch him closely to see if he continues to favor it, as that will mean we have to go to the orthopedist for further evaluation. 

Right now he's on the couch watching tv and eating candy, so I guess its not all bad. But I am not looking forward to tell him the bad news: he's not going to school tomorrow and he will miss hockey practice on Saturday and the first real hockey match on Sunday. 

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