Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost Entirely Unscathed

Aside from some debris in the yard, we're fine. No trees down (though my friend who is my neighbor a few blocks away lost her fence!). We still have power--lost it a couple times but only for a few seconds each time. Took a long walk in what's left of the rain this afternoon and although some houses in nearby neighborhoods are running generators, I saw no major destruction. One little decorative guard house at the front of a nearby subdivision had the tin ripped off its roof, but I saw no damage to houses people live in. The water was really low last night (the combing was below the dock!) and is really high now (almost to the surface of the dock), but no damage that we can see.

The derecho earlier this summer was much worse than this! We lost two trees in that! Plus it was scary--really loud thrasing wind.

My heart goes out to those in New York City and other areas that were damaged by Sandy (as a hurricane or as a superstorm).

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