Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CT Results

The CT was clear. Here's the preliminary report for those who are interested.

CT thorax abdomen and pelvis. Date of examination 10/24/2012. Comparison prior study 7/18/2012. Study done with intravenous contrast.

Thyroid normal. Residual of cryoablated nodule in the anterior aspect of the lingula again noted, series 2 slice 27 lesion measures 1.3 x 1.0 cm indicating a decrease from prior measurement of 1.7 x 1.3.

Prior resection of nodules in the right lung with no evidence of local recurrence.

No new lung nodules.

No evidence of axillary, mediastinal, or hilar adenopathy. No evidence of pleural or pericardial effusion.

Decreasing size of left upper lobe nodule

No new nodules, no other significant abnormalities.

Abdomen and pelvis. The liver normal, gallbladder normal, spleen normal, adrenals normal.

Pancreas normal, right kidney normal.1.7 x 1/2 cm cyst lateral cortex left kidney. Lesion completely unchanged in size when compared to previous study. Lesion show questionable minimal enhancement, however lesion also measured 1.7 x 1.2 in 2009. More inferiorly in the left kidney is a 7 mm cyst of water attenuation which is definitely a simple cyst.

No evidence of abdominal or retroperitoneal adenopathy small bowel and mesentery normal.

Colon surveyed for possible primary neoplasm but none found.

Bladder normal uterus normal no ovarian abnormalities detected.

Examination with bone windows shows no additional significant abnormality.

No significant change from prior study of 7/18/2012.

No evidence of the possible primary neoplasm.

No evidence of metastatic disease.

So you see, JHH has a sensitive CT scanner and the radiologist clearly takes care to look at all my parts and carefully compares to past measurements.

The report shows good news, obviously. But now that I've had one reoccurrence  I am definitely not as celebratory as I was in the past, when I used to think that the passage of time meant an increase in safety. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't. I'm going to believe both at the same time.

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Gina Alsdorf said...

Good News is good news, I hope there is more to come.