Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Pies

I love baking apple pies. It is such a wonderful experience, despite the hard work involved. I love picking out the apples (bought them at a store this time), making the perfect dough, rolling it out, filling my house with wonderful pie-baking smells, and of course eating them. If you've never tried baking one and are at all interested, give it a shot--there is nothing as good as an apple pie home baked with love. (Even my friends love baking apple pies. Hi Two Hands!)

Captain Obvious hates it when I bake. You see, he adores my pies and he eats them all, which means he has to exercise more. Because of his requests that I Not Bake, I haven't baked an apple pie for a few years now, so I was happy to have a chance to bake. The PTO at Captain Adorable's school is giving a teacher-staff appreciation lunch today and on the sign up sheet sent out a couple of weeks ago there was a request for 2 apple pies. I immediately volunteered to bring them.

I spent all day yesterday baking 3 apple pies. You didn't think I could only bake to give away, did you? Captain Adorable was already annoyed that we were giving away 2 of the 3; I think there would have been serious mutiny if I had baked pies and we had none!

We had some for dessert and Oh My Gosh it was good. I was actually quite impressed with myself! I made all-butter crusts (harder to work with than a shortening-butter combo but oh so tasty and tender) and several types of apples inside.

Here, they are, cooling on the counter yesterday evening. You can see one was already 1/3 gone and that was before Captain Obvious had his second piece. I put a piece in Captain Adorable's snack box this morning. I hope the teachers enjoy them!

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These Two Hands said...

My goodness those look goooooooood! And Hi, Yourself! :D