Friday, October 26, 2012

Full Day

Today was Captain Adorable's first kindergarten field trip. Therefore, we were up earlier than normal, and found a treat on our front steps. Capt. Adorable had been BOOed. It turned out to be a package with glo-sticks, candy, Halloween decorations, and other cool stuff. There was also a note telling us to BOO two other children (leave a secret package of treats on the doorstep). We talked about who to BOO on the way to school.

All 5 kindergarten classes from our school went on the trip. I drove home to pick up my friend from the neighborhood, who also has a son in kindergarten (though a different class), was also a chaperone, and was carpooling with me.  We went to a local farm (more argi-tainment than agriculture, but whatever). We arrived before the busses from our school, and got to see the craziness of the arrivals outside the gate--there were lots of kids from other schools and day cares there in addition to the approx 120 from our school. There were animals (got to milk a cow), a hay ride, a maze, some live music, lots of running around, and a pumpkin at the end. I was assigned a group of 2 to take care of--Capt. Adorable and one other (very nice and well behaved) boy. It was fun and tiring. On the field trip,another friend from the neighborhood asked if we had found anything on the porch this morning, so I knew who had left the BOO.

I had about an hour at home, during which time I wrote and answered emails and texts concerning the upcoming neighborhood Halloween Party, which I am organizing. Then I drove to school to pick up my sweet son. We stopped at home long enough for him to eat the lunch he was too excited to eat while at the farm, changed into hockey practice clothes, grabbed the gear, and hopped in the car. No time to buy treats for the BOOs we should leave for others. Traffic was terrible, but it only took us about 30 minutes to get there. He was ready to hit the ice (meaning all equipment on) at 5:22. Practice lasted till 7:00; we were back in the car on the way home at 7:14.

Captain Obvious had wanted to come to practice, but we asked him to instead go buy Book stuff, which he did. After dinner, we packed up the BOOs and set off to leave them at friends' doorsteps. Captain Adorable went up to the door, put the treat pack down, then rang the door bell and ran to his hiding spot as fast as he could! It was dark outside and it was really funny to watch one mom, completely mystified and poking at what we had left (the treats were in an empty oatmeal container with a long sugar straw sticking out the top--must have looked like a bomb or something, whoops!!). The other family saw who was running off, but it was still fun and felt good to all laugh together as we drove off through the darkness back to our house. I think we will do that again next year.

I still have to put my jelly fish costume together. Big party tomorrow, whew. Let's hope Hurricane Sandy doesn't rain on us till the party is over!

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