Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Sail

We had a full weekend. On Saturday morning Capt. Adorable had hockey (on the ice at 7:10, which means we have to get there at 6:50, which means we leave the house at 6:30, which means we get up at 6:10. So early!). Then we all went to the grocery store and bought lunches and dinners for each of us. Why? Because we were going to spend the night on the boat. 

We had planned to sail across the Bay but there wasn't enough wind, so we had to motor. It was cold sitting in the cockpit, but we had a good time and the bimini is off now, so the sun kept us warm. Aside from the lack of wind, a perfect day for a fall sail. Such beauty all around--the birds, the changing leaves, the blue blue sky.

We anchored in the Wye River. Dinner in the cockpit with the sunset as the main attraction other than the food. There were lots of other boats at anchor there as well (lots=about a dozen). Here is a photo of the end of the sunset.

We hoped to watch the meteor shower but clouds blew in (as you can see above) and all we could see was the bright new moon. It was rather windy during the night, which means not such great sleeping for the grownups who worry about the boat dragging, but we had the big anchor, so we were fine. It was warm and snug in the cabin.

The next day we sailed most of the way home, until the wind slowed enough that we turned on the motor so we could have a few hours at home before dinner making time arrived. 

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