Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Ready For Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is predicted to bring lots of wind and rain. We are getting ready for the storm. Sails are off the boat, and we will move it from slip to mooring. Doing all the laundry in the house. Vacuuming, stuffing the freezer with bags of water to help it stay cold. We lost power for 4 days with Hurricane Irene, so we're trying to prepare for being without a fridge. We've got pre-packaged soup. We've got plenty of candles.

We decided to buy a generator this time around, but by the time we made that decision, all the generators were gone or the prices so jacked up we're without one after all. We'll be fine. We've got gas heat and a propane stove we can use to cook on the deck. Plus the grill of course.

Captain Obvious just had what might be his last run for 3 or 4 days (if it is raining too much to run) and I am about to leave for my walk. Exercise is included in our preparations, too!

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