Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Progression

We have a permanent mooring--a mushroom anchor. We use a single line (well, two lines, but both to the same mooring). But we left the boat in the slip after all. One of our neighbors moved his 40 foot motorboat to his mooring, and with 15-20 feet of line, that's awfully close to our 27 foot boat on 15-20 feet of line. Yes of course they will not be exactly opposite to each other (the wind/current moves them all in the same direction), however, there is a possibility that the wind/current could move them around in circles and cause them to hit each other while going around. Neither of us wants to deal with that. Captain Obvious doubled all the lines, though, to keep her secure in the slip.

I bought rain boots today. They are red, a cheerful color, with non-marking soles, so I can use them on the boat after the storm. I know Captain Adorable will want to have a rain walk tomorrow. School has been cancelled and Captain Obvious' work is closed as well.

There is rain now, but not much so far. Windy out and quite cold. Captain Obvious was wearing shorts for most of the day but we tried to go for a little walk after dinner and it was so cold he got chilled to the point of chattering teeth began in a matter of minutes!

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