Monday, October 27, 2008

The Scent of Apple Crisp Baking

As I type this post, the scent of an apple crisp baking fills my house. It smells fabulous--sweet, cinnamon, apple, lemon, apple...mmmm...

Last Friday Captain Adorable and I went apple picking with my parents, Ms. Resourceful, and her two little ones. It was such fun! Although I forgot the camera, I will never forget the sight of Captain Adorable and Ms. Resourceful's daughter sitting side-by-side in a wheel barrow pushed by my dad, wrapped up in sweaters and coats, each chomping on an apple. We quickly filled our bags with apples (I brought home 34 pounds!). There were Stayman, Enterprise, and Granny Smith. The Stayman were the best for eating there in the field, but we all tasted all of the types. I got some of each to bring home. So, today is Monday, and since Friday I have baked 2 apple pies, one apple gallette, and one apple crisp (Captain Obvious pulled it out of the oven a few minutes ago). I've used 2 pounds of butter in 3 days. Still, the apple-dessert goodness is nice.

My FIL came to visit (along with one of Captain Obvious' cousins) on Friday night and they left on Sunday. FIL was very, very happy about the apple pie and gallette that were cooling on the kitchen counter when he arrived. Made me very happy to see him so excited and pleased. In fact, he was so happy about it, he was even willing to peel and core and slice a few pounds of apples on Saturday night so I could bake another pie.

Tomorrow I am going to NIH for a visit with a doctor running a clinical trial. My FIL arranged this meeting and is going to me there as well. I am releived to have my FIL's help. I am also scared about tomorrow. We will see what we will see.

For tonight I am just going to enjoy the scent and the taste of this beautiful apple crisp.


AP said...

I am impressed with the baking!
My uncle was in a clinical trial at the NIH a few years ago. He had not had a very good prognosis at all, but was given three years more - likely due to the trial. My fingers are crossed and my prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could sample just one of the things you've baked-yum!

Best wishes for the meeting.


Anonymous said...

I'll be wishing you luck tomorrow.

AP said...

I'm being a noodge, but I just wanted to let you know that there are people out here in cyberspace that want to know how things went for you today. Fingers are still crossed!

Amina said...

Yummy apples :-) I made pumpkin and sweet potato soup. We have to meet up again sometime for a meal!
Happy Diwali!