Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some Catch Ups (From Maryland)

I am going to write a few updates here...but under different headings so that I can keep things separate..and perhaps more organized and shorter. :)

I am at home in Maryland. Captain Obvious has been doing a bunch of research for me on clinical studies. I am very grateful to him because I find it exhausting, as I have mentioned before on this blog. Once again I am disappointed in the medical system. Here I am, with a serious illness which will end in my death (not in a cure). The goal here is to allow me to live as long and as healthily as possible. Why is it that these expensive, super-educated oncologists just can't seem to do this basic legwork for me? Why is it that I (or my darling husband) have to take on the task of educating ourselves and wading through the system to find what we hope is the best treatment for me? Honestly, why can't the medical professionals do this? Why do we consult them at all? I suppose you can tell from the above that I am feeling a bit disgruntled.

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