Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Bee

Above are two photos of my second tattoo. My Pumpkin Bee tattoo. Because, believe it or not, I do not actually call my son Captain Adorable in real life...shocking I know. :) However, I do call him Pumpkin Bee. Pumpkin because of his red hair and Bee because, well, I am not really sure...maybe because I started calling him my Baby Bee and then it morphed into my Pumpkin Bee. The design was my idea but both my Mom and Captain Obvious had some input into the final, plus the tattoo artist (James over at Bethesda Tattoo) did the final version that went on my body. I especially love the work he did on the wings, the legs, and the eye (OK, I love the whole thing!). I wanted the bee to look realistic but with an unexpected twist and I think the design is absolutely successful. It took two hours and it is pretty sore right now, a day later. I was lucky to have my sweet friend, Deelux, there by my side the whole time, talking to me, and helping me to keep my mind off any pain. Actually, I have Deelux to thank for the tattoo because she recommended the artist, and paid for the tattoo!

I can't wait to see her new infinity symbol tattoo...she's gearing up to join our Infinity Tribe (thanks, Amina!) soon.

Oh, and yeah, as you can see from the pic, my hair is short now. Most of the hair I have left after the huge hair loss is all like 1-2 inches long and curly. The rest was still chin length but it looked really stupid and I was wearing a scarf to go out in public. I had the long stuff cut and now it looks normal. Not the hair do I would have chosen, but, not bad either.


mamefati said...

that post made me all sentimental...I love your new tat!

Mandie said...

I love it! Such a creative idea and design. :)

Funny the names we come up with for our kiddos. I call my son "Coley pants" because his middle name is Cole. LOL!

Glad it turned out like you wanted. It is lovely. :)

AP said...

Hey, Bethesda Tattoo is in my neck of the Maryland woods! I didn't realize they did such quality work. The tattoo is beautiful!

Amina said...

that is sooooo strange! Yesterday after you talked about getting another inking, I was thinking what I would have and thought I'd like a bee for my beloved brother. When I was little I couldn't say his name - Robin, and just got as far as bee... so you have bee-ten me on that one. Lovely pic - so many are ridiculous cartoons and bees are so very special.
So we might get a mini bee tribe going here as well!!
love always

Lindsay said...

Cool! It's really big. ;) The design is awesome though, and it came out great!

Amy said...

I love the tattoo!

Deelux said...

Deelux, huh?
I love my new name, your tattoo, and you as well.