Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Treatment News

Yesterday (Monday, October 6) I went to see my oncologist here at JHH (Johns Hopkins Hospital). Captain Adorable stayed in the waiting room with my sweet MIL. (Poor guy is sick--wonder if that is related to camping at all? Perhaps he was not warm enough?) I was happy because he was close by, but it was nice not to have him with us, so we could talk to the oncologist with no distractions from our little one. Captain Obvious and I had discussed in detail exactly what we wanted to ask her, so we had an agenda going in.

We both went in feeling pretty negative towards her and we came out not feeling as bad as before. She answered our questions and we were satisfied with her answers. She also decided it would be good for me to have a quick CT scan (without contrast) to see if the tumors in my right lung are still growing. I was able to do that right after the appointment, and she called later that evening (about 6:30) with the results.

So, here's the upshot.

Treatment options, Plan A and Plan B?
Plan A would be in the tumors are stable (not growing) on Tarceva. If they are stable, then the plan is just keep taking Tarceva till it stops working.

Plan B is if the tumors are not stable. Then we stop Tarceva and move on with other treatment. Standard of care treatment would be chemo (it is called Alimta, not Ultima (or Altima) as I previously wrote in this blog). However, if I want to pursue a clinical trial, now would be the time to do that. She would help us to find a trial appropriate for me based on the type of trial (she recommended Phase II), the type of treatment (chemo trials are not really what I am looking for!), and geographical location (now the fact that Captain Obvious and I have family all over the country suddenly looks like a big advantage instead of just making it difficult to visit). :)

The results of the CT scan showed more growth.

I did not take Tarceva this morning. We are now looking for a clinical trial.


AP said...

I have been keeping you in my thoughts. Thanks for the update. Keep us posted, please, on what you decide.

Anonymous said...

You are probably already familiar with this site, but just in case!


mamefati said...

Thinking of you always and sending much love too

Anonymous said...

Here's to Plan B and its success.


Carrie said...

Have you looked into the Hoxsey Clinic at all? I don't even know if that's something you'd be interested in, but I thought I'd put it out there. http://www.cancure.org/hoxsey_clinic.htm

I personally know 3 different ppl that have been cured after going there.

Much love to you , mama. You have many ppl pulling for you.

~ Justthatgirl (my mdc name)

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into Cancer Treatment Centers of America? It may be a stop worth making on your search for treatment.

Lindsay said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear the current regimen isn't keeping things stable. Good luck finding a trial that works for you.

Simone said...

I wish you every success on Plan B!